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The Problems

The Problems

So here’s the truth about problems when remodeling or building a new kitchen: This is what all kitchen professionals know, but are afraid to tell you: Problems DO EXIST. Usually there are issues on every project. It’s simply unavoidable and here’s why: Redoing or creating a new kitchen is one of the most complicated projects you can undertake. That’s because each kitchen space is different. There are no perfect walls, ceiling and floors. For each kitchen space the following needs to happen: •A human being must measure the space •A human being must design the space and work with you to revise the design as desired to fit your style and budget •A human being must gather all the information and create an order to be sent to the factory •A human being must process the order •A human being must release the order to production •Several human beings must be involved in the manufacturing process including the manufacturing of the raw material, ordering the required supplies, manufacturing and fabricating the parts, assembling the cabinetry, etc… •Human beings must package the cabinets, load the trucks, unload, deliver, etc… (handle all the logistics) •Human beings must install •Human beings must check, create a list of issues (problems), reorder, redeliver, reinstall, etc… And all this is only pertaining to the cabinetry section. Human beings must measure, fabricate, deliver and install the countertop. More human beings must handle the architectural planning, coordination, construction and handle of all other items including appliances, plumbing fixtures, flooring, backsplash, lighting, painting, accessories, etc… Even for a simple project there are thousands of tiny items which must all come together to fit your individual space. The chance of getting it all 100% perfect is as small as the chance of winning the lottery. This is the harsh truth about the kitchen industry. Nobody really wants to talk about this fact so openly and this might be the first time ever that it is discussed in such an open fashion, but because of how we handle our relationships with our clients we decided it’s time for you to know THE TRUTH ABOUT PROBLEMS. The good news is that if you are our client we will always be here for you and will never stop solving the problems until you are 100% SATISFIED!
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